Micah, from life

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“Micah,” 12×16″ oil on cradled panel.

This is a painting started about a year ago, and now finally finished!

The Winter of 2014 (January or something?) I was attending a local painting group run by a fellow artist (and my sometime teacher), Adam Clague. We’d get volunteers to pose for us each week. It was such a good experience for all of us and I hope we can start doing it again.

Micah is a fellow artist and I asked him if he’d pose for Adam Clague’s group. I hope he had fun; we certainly appreciated him posing!

I started the painting from life, but three hours of painting time just isn’t sufficient, so I took a photo of him and use that picture as reference and finished the portrait up later (bit by bit).

It’s interesting to see what other artists painted that same night when Micah posed. Here’s Adam Clague’s painting of Micah. (I’m linking to Adam’s Pinterest page.) Needless to say I absolutely love Adam’s rendition of Micah, but we all have our own vision and style as we paint!


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